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Student Employment - 40TUDE
Student Employment - 40TUDE

Funding for 40TUDE will be used to pay NIU students to work in student employment positions providing support to local small businesses and nonprofit organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each dollar raised simultaneously supports NIU students, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Donate today! 

NIU students are hired to work under the direction and mentorship of university faculty and local industry experts to help solve the pain points of businesses in the community. Students have the opportunity to work under either organization, 40TUDE Nonprofit or 40TUDE Business. The teams are responsible for helping both nonprofit and regular companies create and optimize social media accounts, develop websites, update e-commerce, organize fundraising and volunteer campaigns, and analyze data to communicate effectively with target markets.

With over 25 projects completed during the school year, it is estimated that 40TUDE will have positively impacted more than 20,000 DeKalb County residents. The experience gained from working with 40TUDE is unlike any intern or class, proving to be exceptionally valuable for the students' professional development.

With over 80% of NIU students needing financial assistance, the 40TUDE program offers a unique employment opportunity for students affected by COVID-19. This high impact learning experience allows students to work remote while developing a wide range of skills. Students work in a hands-on environment to enhance their communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and value recognition skills.

With the help of your donation, we can continue to fund 40TUDE and provide additional student employment opportunities to support community needs.

The Shigley Challenge for 1,500 Gifts
Proud NIU alumnus John Shigley '78, wants to see Huskies United 2021 reach 1,500 gifts. When that milestone is hit, it will unlock his $40,000 gift to support student scholarships into our totals.
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
NIU Chief of Staff New Donor Challenge
NIU’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Matt Streb, wants to inspire new donations to NIU. When 25 people make their first-ever gift to whatever area they choose during Huskies United, it will unlock his donation of $1,500 into our totals.
25 / 25 Gifts
Banks-Erickson Huskies United Participation Challenge
NIU alumnus Raymond Banks ‘86 and Eric Erickson want to see the NIU family come together for Huskies United. When 1,000 gifts are made during Huskies United, a gift of $150,000 will be unlocked into our totals to support student scholarships.
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
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