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NIU's College of Education is Thousands Strong!

The NIU College of Education’s mission is to prepare the next generation of teachers, athletic trainers, college professors, counselors, technology specialists, exercise scientists, principals, researchers, school business managers, superintendents and more. Over the past 125 years, we have done just that. Last year, NIU graduates accounted for 1 of every 5 superintendents in Illinois, 1 of every 9 principals in Illinois and 1 out of every 16 teachers in Illinois.

Modern times are making our original purpose – preparing college-educated teachers – more critical than ever as the nation faces a critical shortage of teachers.

We strive to give students in every College of Education program the best experience and preparation possible. You can make a difference. We encourage you to help by donating to one of the following areas, all of which align with our commitment to high-quality teaching, rigorous research and engaged service, as we prepare students to lead in their chosen profession


Student Scholarships

Did you know that nearly 84 percent of our full-time students need some sort of financial aid, but only a quarter are receiving scholarship support? Our recruitment and retention scholarships help us attract and retain the best and brightest students, regardless of their financial situations. Your generosity can enable these smart and talented students to come to NIU – and stay until they graduate. Your gift also could assist students in buying textbooks, paying for exam fees and funding travel for internships or student-teaching.


Engaged Learning Opportunities

Our “Educate and Engage” series enables students to learn and teach in our service region, in different states such as Texas, Colorado, Indiana and North Dakota, and even across the globe in Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Finland. Our travelers return with eyes and minds opened to highly diverse populations and places, and ready to translate those perspectives to their careers. We’re proud to offer these local, U.S. and global experiences at little or no cost through donor support so that our students can apply what they learn in diverse, real-world settings.


College Strategic Priorities

When you support our college’s strategic priorities, you allow us to fund important initiatives, including: development of new and innovative curriculum; maintenance and updating of our technology and facilities; and travel for our faculty, staff and students to participate in, and share, research with colleagues.


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