Huskies. Never. Quit. But sometimes they need a little help.

Families stick together and support each other. Our Huskie family is no different.


Throughout NIU's 125-year history our community has come together to celebrate milestones and triumphs, and we have been there to support each other during difficult and trying times. While much has changed at NIU over the past 125 years, the University's commitment to educational excellence and cultivating a strong supportive, welcoming, and inclusive community has never wavered.


During these new and uncertain times, it is especially important for our Huskie family to unite and help keep NIU moving forward. We know we can do this together because Huskies. Never. Quit.


When you make a gift during the Huskies United event: 

  • You can help NIU continue to produce socially conscious citizens by keeping educational excellence, innovation, research, and artistry moving forward.
  • You can help NIU provide scholarships to students, ensuring they have the opportunity to attend, advance at, and graduate from NIU.
  • You can help give NIU the flexibility to quickly respond to a student's urgent or critical needs when they arise.
  • You can help support NIU's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives which provide engaging educational experiences and cultural competency education for all members of the Huskie community. 

Most importantly, when you make a gift you are showing past, present, and future Huskies that no matter what, the Huskie family will always be there to help one another move forward together. 

College Scholarship Funds
Each college is raising funds for their scholarship fund. Help your college rise to the top when you make your gift today.
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Areas of Need
Which area are you supporting during Huskies United? Help your area rise to the top with your gift today.
Rank Department Gifts
Rank State Gifts
1 IL 561
2 IN 14
3 CA 12
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