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The Northern Star provides news for the NIU and DeKalb communities while training the next generation in the practice and concepts of journalism. Students in the advertising department of the Star gain experience serving clients and maintaining business relationships.


Many Northern Star journalists go on to work in the field. Others find careers in adjacent fields of public relations, business, communications, law and higher education. All our staffers gain a better understanding of media and are more equipped to be active, responsible citizens.


Because today is the Day of Giving, your gift will be part of a challenge from Star alumnus Kevin Wendt, who is encouraging fellow Huskies to support the Star. Gifts made today will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $2,500.


Join Kevin and our Star family to support student journalism today.

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Which area on campus will bring in the most gifts during the NIUDOG? Keep an eye on this leaderboard to find out!
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Which area on campus will raise the most money during the NIUDOG? Keep an eye on this leaderboard to find out!
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You did it! Thanks to your generosity you have helped to unleash $2,500 from NIU alumnus and former Northern Star Editor in Chief, Kevin Wendt, to support the Northern Star. Thank you, Huskies!
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