The office of Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) visualizes a synergistic and inclusive community where all members are respected for their intrinsic dignity. 



In alignment with NIU’s core values, ADEI leads the charge in establishing an equity-minded community that challenges and eliminates exclusionary systems and practices.


NIU celebrates diversity in all its forms. We feel that diversity in gender, ethnicity, physical ability, religious beliefs, age, and sexuality is what makes the world an interesting place. Creating an environment in which those differences are not only acknowledged but celebrated is our goal. Diversity makes the educational experience richer and makes NIU the ideal place to learn.


By learning in an environment that is filled with students, faculty and staff from a wide range of backgrounds, we create an environment where stereotypes are challenged, experiences are shared and minds are opened. This experience lays the groundwork for working and living with people from all backgrounds.


During NIU’s inaugural Day of Giving you can help advance the vision and mission of ADEI by supporting one of our priorities below.  

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Which area on campus will raise the most money during the NIUDOG? Keep an eye on this leaderboard to find out!
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Anonymous Challenge for Embracing Diversity Scholarship
You did it! Thanks to your generosity you have helped to unleash $10,000 from an anonymous College of Law donor to support the Embracing Diversity Scholarship Fund. Thank you, Huskies!
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