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Crossing Boundaries, Transforming Lives

The Northern Illinois University College of Business approach to transformative innovation is through collaboration that crosses boundaries - disciplinary, cultural, age, time, distance, role, organizational and socioeconomic. Our approach will catapult breakthrough ideas and people into extraordinary business success stories.


The generosity of our donors helps continue a long legacy that defines the Huskie spirit enabling all students, no matter their background, to be well prepared and launch careers that cross boundaries. Experiences in the College of Business are crafted deliberately and allow students to cross the boundary of theory and practice.  


With your support the NIU College of Business seeks to be at the forefront of innovative business education and a catalyst for business innovation in the region. When making your gift today, please consider supporting one of our areas of innovation within the College of Business. 


COB Scholarships

Our recruitment and retention of high-achieving students and exceptional faculty talent continues to build on the tradition of excellence the NIU College of Business is well known for.  Financial assistance in the form of scholarships will help us attract and retain the best and brightest students and will have a transformative impact on those from modest backgrounds.  A generous donor has offered to match all donations to scholarships dollar-for-dollar, up to $15,000.


Your contribution is an investment in our students’ success.  We are thankful for your generosity and support of our funding priorities.

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Which area on campus will raise the most money during the NIUDOG? Keep an eye on this leaderboard to find out!
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