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In the College of Education, we prepare the next generation of teachers, athletic trainers, college professors, counselors, technology specialists, exercise scientists, principals, researchers, school business managers, superintendents and more.


We strive to give our students the best experience and preparation possible, and that’s where you can make a difference. We encourage you to support one of the following areas that align with our mission to create an inclusive, engaging and supportive environment that inspires students, faculty and staff to strive for excellence in their chosen professions.


Engaged Learning Opportunities


Our College of Education’s “Educate and Engage” series offers many unparalleled experiences in which our students apply what they learn and are supported in their transition to professionals. Because students grow tremendously through an experiential curriculum, we embed diverse, real-world learning opportunities in our programs. We similarly place a great value on collaborating with schools, communities, agencies and businesses that expand local, national and global opportunities for learning, research, service and leadership.

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Which area on campus will raise the most money during the NIUDOG? Keep an eye on this leaderboard to find out!
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Pam ('69) and Bill Russell Challenge to support "Educate and Engage"
You did it! Thanks to your generosity you have helped to unleash $10,000 from Pam ('69) and Bill Russell to support Engaged Learning Opportunities through the Educate & Engage series in the College of Education. Thank you, Huskies!
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